These aren't scientific world shattering things, just interesting ways to make life easier.

Colloidal Minerals

Like most people, I have always thought that getting enough minerals was easy. When I found the writing of Joel Wallach, I had my mind changed. The main argument is that minerals are far more difficult to get and far more important than usually realized. I definitely like what they have done for me.

There are five places in the world where the average age at death is well over one hundred--Hunza,somewhere in Tibet, the Villacamba valley in Ecuador, lake Titicaca, and somewhere in the mountains of Armenia. These places have glacial water in common. Glaciers grind rock, exposing new material constantly. The resultant water has plenty of usable minerals in it.

Joel Wallach argues that the root cause of most addictions is Pica, a craving for minerals which is masked by ingesting the addicting substance.

I have talked several people into trying these. All have reported increased energy, reduced cravings, etc. The colloidal minerals are probably the most easily absorbed, though minerals in plant form are probably the best. One idea I have had--but not yet tried--is to mix garden mineral suplement in water and use it to water sprouts. This should be an easy way to get optimum minerals.

Here is a source for the minerals


Vinegar has almost too many uses. The one which I find best, however is as a cosmetic. Most of the dry skin in the world is caused by alkaline soap residue. Vinegar neutralizes the soap and skin becomes soft and young. It works better than any of the commercial preparations which are largely some variation of greasy emulsion.

The rest will have to wait until I have more time.